Michael Luchich

Email Address: michael@alternation.com.au

Contact Phone Number: 61267780110

What do you do?: Website designer

Outline your skills and services: Web Design
Plugin Programming
Theme Customisation
Database Integration


Kate Durack

Email Address: kate@alternation.com.au

Contact Phone Number: 0267780110

What do you do?: Graphic designer

Outline your skills and services: Graphic and web design


Angelo Saavedra

Email Address: angelosaavedra@coolwebing.com.au

Contact Phone Number: 0402554838

What do you do?: Website designer

Outline your skills and services: Online web and mobile user experience design
Mobile applications design and development
Software development, implentation and training

Michael Luchich

Email Address: michael@alternation.com.au

Contact Phone Number: 67780110

What do you do?: Sound Recordist

Outline your skills and services: Studio and live recording
Music Production
Music Composition


Jonathan Stilts

Email Address: jonathan@unconundrum.net

Contact Phone Number: 0407338660

What do you do?: Editing

Outline your skills and services: I edit together video and audio footage, sound effects and graphics into finished videos on Adobe Premiere, and can provide voiceover work. I create graphics in photoshop and can give them some motion. You can see some of my most recent work here:

created motion graphics, voice-over, editing

editing video from multiple sources, major sound editing, graphics, motion

editing, graphics:

editing, voice-over (newscaster audio was missing)

major editing, added music, overlayed sound effects, added cast text graphics

major editing from multiple video and audio sources (this one was a few years back)


Tony Allison

Email Address: ecodigitography@gmail.com

Contact Phone Number: 0401562526

What do you do?: Arts Project/event manager

Outline your skills and services: hi folks! I'm a freelance festival production & site manager with about 30 years of professional industry experience under my belt, based mainly in NNSW!

Originally a lighting technician and designer working in community based arts, I'm also an artist, specialising in documentary photography, recycled & repurposed lighting fixtures and special fx for film/photography/events.

My passion is people and creativity and really consider myself a creative & logisitics facilitator, working collectively towards realising the creative vision within exisiting budgets!

I have extensive photographic, documentary and timelapse experience and graphic design skills to add to the mix, and have been know to VJ at events screening mostly organic images I've shot while immersed in the rainforests in my local area!

Currently in my 10th year as Production Manager for the Tropical Fruits Inc New Years Eve Festival in Lismore NSW. [Can I have long service leave now? :)

Previously site/production manager for a range of regional and national festivals including Saltwater Freshwater Festival, Bellingen River Festival, Livid [Bne] Falls [Lorne] as well as Australian Site Manager for the Rolling Stones [Voodoo Lounge / Bne -1997] U2 [Popmart / Bne] Michael Jackson [HIStory / Bne] Madonna [Bne] Brisbane International Military Tattoo, B105FM Skyfire plus a host of special events including the launch of the Treasury Hotel/Casino in Brisbane.

In the festival off-season you'll usually find me in SE Asia, often in West Kalimantan [Indonesian Borneo] or Sumatra hanging out with and assisting my local contacts with environmental & community development/arts projects. It's hot, it's sweaty but I love the people, the food and innovation where resources are especially limited. Occasionally, I'll subcontract to Australian Volunteers International as a Team Leader for their student programs in Malaysia, Fiji or Indonesia.

Always on the lookout for new & interesting projects with great people, feel free to get in touch!

Kerrie Matchett

Email address: moreeframeart@bigpond.com

Contact phone number: 0267527216

What do you do?: Framer

Outline your skills and services: Custom Framer and art supply retailer. Can provide advise on art materials and on presentation/ framing of works. Always happy to help artists, including HSC students, with advice on various ways to present works, rough costs involved, artwork repair, advice on what they would be able to do themselves, problem solving etc.

Emma Stilts

Email Address: emma@unconundrum.net

Contact Phone Number: 0407435585

What do you do?: Graphic designer

Outline your skills and services: Graphic design and web design. Branding. Marketing. Email and social media campaigns. Project management. Also have experience in curating exhibitions and light projection.

Daniel Stanley

Email Address: Daniel.b.stanley@gmail.com

Contact Phone Number: 0434670478

What do you do?: Graphic designer

Outline your skills and services: Illustration, design, murals, animation, examples of which can be seen on my website www.avongarde.com and my instagram @avongarde

Maree Kelly

Email Address: maree@reasydesign.com.au

Contact Phone Number: 0267424958

What do you do?: Graphic designer

Outline your skills and services: Graphic design/ web designer