NENW Aboriginal Arts Steering Committee

Arts North West supports the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities to celebrate and practise their cultures and to fulfil creative and cultural aspirations. Furthermore, we recognise and respect that Aboriginal people have a right to self-determination particularly in respect to cultural matters. This includes making decisions about preserving and sharing their traditional and contemporary cultural knowledge and practices.

Arts North West, through the Aboriginal Cultural Support Program provides a dedicated, cohesive, and regionally-based support for Aboriginal arts and cultural development in the New England North West which will allow our community greater access to opportunities to strengthen culture through arts practice, projects and career development.

Arts North West is currently developing an Aboriginal Arts Strategy for our region and is establishing an Aboriginal Arts Steering Committee to assist in providing cultural direction and planning for potential programs and projects.

The NENW Aboriginal Arts Steering Committee will support Arts North West and its Aboriginal Arts Officer with cultural guidance and decision making, strategic planning, advice and feedback. They will also advise on priority areas for consideration in the development of the ANW Aboriginal Cultural Support Program.

The NENW Aboriginal Arts Steering Committee will be committed to developing respectful and sustainable relationships based on trust and respect for our cultural values and our histories.

The NENW Aboriginal Arts Steering Committee will comprise two Aboriginal volunteer representatives from each of the contributing LGAs in our region.

The first meeting will be held in Inverell on 15/16 April. Applicants must attend the inaugural meeting when Terms of Reference will be developed. It is anticipated that the Committee will meet again in August 2019 (online attendance possible). ANW will make a contribution to travel, catering and accommodation expenses on request.

For more information please contact Pene Riggs on 02 6725 4023 or email

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