Visit to the Northern Rivers

In November Steph Brummell travelled to the North Coast for a few days of meetings with Julie Barratt. The purpose of this trip was to glean some understanding from organisations as to ongoing sustainable outcomes from the Creating Connections project and also to offer new networks that Steph can tap into for support during the Heading West project in 2016.

During this visit we met with many organisations and individuals including Robyn Brady (AD Sprung! Integrated dance theatre), Brett Adlington (Director Lismore Regional Gallery) Damien Conte and family(Artist with disability) Peter Wood (RADO Arts Northern Rivers ) and Jeremy Hawkes ( RED INC )

There were many great insights from these meetings but the most important one was an ongoing commitment from ANR to work with ANW next year as a part of Heading West on an exchange residency project with the idea of a musician with disability visiting our region from the North West to undertake a residency and mentorship with Tralalablip and then a musician with disability from the North Coast travelling to the North West as a part of a music showcase project that they already undertake as a part of the Tamworth music festival.

These conversations will continue towards a collaborative project in 2016 between Arts Northern Rivers and Arts North West as a part of Heading West.