Do you live in Inverell? Sign the petition to get Arts North West reinstated in your community!

Arts North West develops connections, fosters creativity and enriches communities through supporting creative opportunities in the New England North West.  Programs include Aboriginal Cultural Support, Arts and Disability Support, Cultural Tourism as well as specific community engagement projects (Youth Arts, Arts North West ON TOUR, Country Art Escapes, Film NENW) which aim to increase participation in arts and cultural activities in the region.  Arts North West plays a vital role in building cultural community capacity, through direct and useful advice and advocacy, through substantial professional development provision and with the forging of key partnerships and networks throughout the region that directly benefits communities.

In NSW, there are 14 Regional Art Boards.  $1.9 million is invested from Arts NSW into the network, $836,000 from LGAs.   A further $1.5 million is sourced directly by Regional Art Boards for additional projects. 

101 of 108 local Councils contribute to this network.   Unfortunately Inverell Shire Council is one of the Councils that does not. Twelve of the thirteen Councils in the New England North West region of NSW contribute annually to Arts North West.

As a ratepayer of Inverell Shire Council, we would invite you to ask Inverell Shire Council to reinstate its membership to Arts North West so that you can once again access Arts North West’s programs and services. Arts and cultural activity in your Shire benefits artists and non-artists alike.  It is crucial to again access to the vital professional support that Arts North West offers, and once again be connected and engaged with the wider arts and cultural community. 

Please sign this petition to stress to the Inverell Shire Council how important it is to have access to the services and programs of Arts North West within the Inverell community. Thank you.

Sign the petition here.