Expression of Interest for Aboriginal Videographer and Post Production Editor

Arts North West are seeking expressions of interests from a suitably qualified Aboriginal videographer and post production editor to work on an exciting new project.

Yesterday Today Tomorrow is a professional development program for six Aboriginal artists in the Arts North West region. The project will equip Aboriginal artists with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to draw inspiration from their region to create and exhibit contemporary works based on their local region. Further to this, the project will support and preserve traditional and contemporary Aboriginal stories through documenting culturally appropriate stories from three key sites in the Arts North West boundary. The six Aboriginal artists will be mentored to develop a portfolio of new works inspired by Country, culminating in a small exhibition in 2019.

The videographer will be required to attend 3 sites, 1 each in the Tamworth, Inverell and Moree Local Government Areas to film stories as told by local knowledge holders and a short clip on the participating artists.


3 x 3-5 minute short film on the chosen location

6 x 1 minute grabs on the participating artists

Arts North West will provide a project manager / creative consultant to coordinate and produce the project including locations, artists, themes etc.


Tamworth 6 - 10 May 2019

Inverell 29 April to 3 May 2019

Moree 20 - 24 May 2019


Rough cuts must be provided to the project manager on the last day of each filming date.

Films must be provided to the project manager completed by 7 June 2019 for review and required edits.

Final films with all changes made must be provided to the project manager by 14 June 2019.