Arts North West Working Towards New Governance Structure in 2018

Following a comprehensive review, Arts North West is updating its Governance structure and moving to a skill-based board.  From May 2018, Arts North West will adopt a two-tier model, a Board of Management of 7-9 members, with a Strategic Advisory Council comprising a representative of each contributing Local Government Authority as well as 4 community arts organisation representatives.

We are looking for people who have strong and effective relationships within our region to fill up to 5 vacancies. Individuals with skills in one or more of the following areas are invited to consider nominating for the Board.

·         Arts, arts practice, arts administration
·         Financial management
·         Governance, business and strategic planning
·         Human resources management
·         Information technology communications
·         Legal expertise in a not-for-profit organisation
·         Local Government
·         Marketing/fundraising
·         Regional community and cultural services development
·         Regional economic and/or tourism development
·         Risk management/insurance

If you are passionate about regional arts and have the capacity to steer and influence this small, yet highly productive organisation, then please consider putting in an application.

Download the EOI here and send completed application to Anna Watt, Chair of Arts North West