Robin Gunning
The Greens

“I think the arts and cultural activity in the Tamworth electorate is invaluable to the life of the community and helps to counter the image of being "country hicks”. I am a regular participant in these activities. The key issue is lack of funding for the arts in the region. It is Greens policy to fully support arts and cultural development in the regions.”

Steve Mears
NSW Labor

“Arts and culture is an intrinsic part of our community that can bring, not only, economic value to our community but is critical in the remembering, collecting and reciting the history of our Community, whether that be from European and/or Aboriginal history and heritage.

Arts and culture can educate, bring people together and lessen the cultural and age divides the exist in our community. The key issues facing artists and arts organisations is lack of funding, lack of opportunity and if recent attempts to engage councils and the media regarding Arts and Culture are anything to go by, there appears to be a lack of interest from a number of councils and the media.”

See attached* NSW Labor Arts Policy

Darriea Turley
Country Labor Party

“I chaired the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for over 20 years and led the development of the Broken Hill regional art gallery. Not only does arts and culture contribute to enrich our community not only or economy but our health and social well being. Frankly I worry there is a lack of investment. I have seen a decrease in opportunities for touring programs and recurrent funding that ties up administrators in red tape takes and more work than delivering programs.”