Alice Hartigan

Alice Hartigan

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Contact Phone Number: 0474462155

What do you do?: Graphic designer

Outline your skills and services: Freelance 2D/3D digital artist working in video game art, prop/environment art,3D modeling, low poly modeling, illustration art, concept art, image manipulation, 3D set dressing for games/film, prop/environment modeling, foliage for game engines, lighting, styalised textures, tilling textures, semi-realistic textures, PBR texturing, normal maps, engine particle fx, UV unwrapping, posters/flyers (I also have a background in graphics design, game design, traditional art, 3D animation, VR and galleries)

Programs: Maya, 3D coat, Substance painter, Unreal engine 4, Unity engine, Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip studio paint

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