The New England North West locations gallery gives you a taste of the many diverse locations found in our region. From long straight highways, winding country roads and subtropical rainforests to agricultural cropping and grazing and wild gorge country, our region has beautiful landscapes for as far as the eye can see. Small country towns, busy urban centres and everything in between can be found in New England North West.

Locations fees and other production costs can be lower than in larger centres, and a there is a talented base of production crew available to work with you. With easy accessibility, low-cost filming applications, no daily location costs and great hospitality the NENW region would love to host your next production.

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Location, Location

Film attraction advice for the New England North West, NSW

This resource, produced by Arts North West (Film New England North West), is a fast read on Location Scouting and Film Attraction for stakeholders in the New England North West. Take a look at LOCATION, LOCATION!

If you spend time in this region and have some great images that might showcase the fabulous locations in the New England North West, submit digital photographs to be considered for inclusion in the database.