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Freeman House Artists Group Exhibition Armidale

Freeman House Artists Group Exhibition
Armidale Art Gallery
168 Beardy St, Armidale

27 May 2017 @ 2pm

Freeman House is a service providing both residential and community based programs for adults experiencing homelessness and/or addiction. It is committed to the provision of quality services that promote positive change in people’s lives. Its services are underpinned by evidence-based case management, creative programming, counseling and other therapeutic interventions aimed at providing an environment which encourages people to take control of their own destiny.

Participants have daily access to an art studio, and attend a session once a week with local artist Kerry Gulliver. Experimentation with different styles and techniques is a part of the program, and participants are encouraged to take their own initiative in developing ideas. This exhibition is the outcome of weeks of diligent work in the Freeman House art studio. Many of the artists exhibiting have had little or no opportunity to produce art, and so are very appreciative (and excited) of the chance to exhibit their work. This has been made possible thanks to the Committee’s efforts at the Armidale Art Gallery.