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Illuminating our Hidden Treasures Workshop Bingara

The Roxy Museum Bingara
Thursday 17 May 2-4pm

Book in online here

Volunteers from Museums

Workshop plan
This workshop develops a video clip to highlight a key object in the collection.

Volunteers will build a simple slideshow to tell the story of their chosen object.  The workshop will cover script and storyboard development, basic tips on object photography, and elementary skills in building an imovie.

Participants will need to have an ipad or iphone to participate in this workshop.

Volunteers must complete some preparation work before the workshop (a template will be provided to participants).
1.    Choose an object from their museum’s collection
2.    Have some specific information about the object – who owned it?/date/materials used/how was it used?/why is it significant
3.    Find 2-3 contextual photographs of the object in use or the person who used it.  Digital images will be fine.  (Use Trove or your Museum archives)
4.    Download imovies and Snapseed to your device.

•    Each volunteer will have a short video clip highlighting an object from the museum.
•    Volunteers will be able to apply skills learnt to develop a series of video clips.

Cost: Free