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"Brushed with colours of blue" Paintings by Robyn Jackson

"Brushed with colours of blue" Paintings by Robyn Jackson
Gallery 126
126 Jessie Street, Armidale

Opening Friday 14th October 5pm - 7pm.
Exhibition dates 14th October to 19th November 2017


“Brushed with colours of blue” is exactly that. Brushed -because for this exhibition I have, for the first time, used only the brush. This has given a more direct and spontaneous feel to the paintings. A very different approach from my usual scraping back and ‘drawing into’ method. I have used acrylic paint on canvas. As my greatest enemy is overworking, by using a large brush only, this forces me to eliminate detail. In this exhibition I am looking at creating atmosphere and mood. With colours of blue. – I felt this year the blue undertones of the landscape have been more dominant, especially mid winter. Winter is an exciting time to paint the New England Landscape as all the frills are stripped and you can truly see the formations and beauty of the land. Most of this exhibition has been created from outings around the district with fellow artist and friend Rosalie Rigby. When the weather lends we have been driving to different locations on a regular basis, like out of Walcha, Uralla and Armidale, to sketch and just talk art. When back in our own studio we paint from the sketches. Paintings-Dangar Falls, one and two, were painted after our most recent outing. Like everyone, we too were keen to experience the amount of water fl ow over the fall, caused from the huge amount recent rain. The fi rst painting is looking over the falls from behind. I feel I have captured the force and movement of the water just before it hits the edge of the escarpment, then looking in the distance you can just see glimpses of the ‘snake like’ water disappearing back into the landscape. Native gums with hints of yellow wattle crown the glory of this area. The second painting is painted from the other side of the falls just looking at the beauty of the rock formation with diffused afternoon light creating sharp and interesting shadows of muted colours under the Australian bush . Mount Duval, looking north over Saumarez and also near the airport are also favourite locations of mine. I have watched this magnifi cent mountain morning and night for years. Every day she changes her appearance and this beauty never stops to amaze me. So of course there are several paintings of Mt Duval in this exhibition. This is just two of the many locations around beautiful New England that we have visited and sketched.

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Facilities: Wheelchair access